The Case of Pete and Pete

Hey Sandy! This week we took a trip back in time to Wellsville, USA and visited with our favorite red-headed brothers! If you get a minute, sit with us a while and listen as we chat about Pete Wrigley, his brother Pete, Ellen, Artie (the strongest man in the world), Mom, Dad, Mom’s plate, and Petunia.

The Adventures of Pete and Pete is a beloved 90s Nickelodeon show with a cult following. This week we sat down to discuss what made this show so special!


While we researched for this episode, we found A LOT of great resources. For example, we referenced this video by PushingUpRoses

We also highly suggest visiting any of the articles put out by The A/V Club on this show.

If you are interested in watching the show, there are episodes on YouTube! You can also buy seasons 1 & 2. Season 3 has never been released on DVD. We linked to a petition to have it released here.

One of the most important and special aspects of the show is the music. Here is a link to the theme song:

Episodes mentioned:

  • Yellow Fever
    • Big Pete is in for the ride of his life as he and his classmates embark on a school field trip with their unstable bus driver Stu Benedict
  • What I Did on my Summer Vacation
    • Big Pete and Ellen wonder about the mysterious town ice cream man, Mr. Tastee as summer comes to an end in Wellsville
  • The Call
    • On the hottest day of the year, a remote phone booth will not stop ringing. It’s been ringing for almost three decades and no one wants to answer the call
  • Inspector 34
    • Little Pete is determined to meet his guardian angel: the man who inspects his underwear. Once they’re together, he wants to become perfect just like his hero.
  • Grounded for Life
    • Little Pete is grounded after destroying his dad’s prized possession: his lawn. Will he be able to escape the house and see the fireworks on the Fourth of July?
  • Don’t Tread on Pete
    • Big Pete discovers that he forgot to study for a huge test on the revolutionary war! While he spends the last minutes of lunchtime trying to cram, little Pete is fighting for freedom in gym class.
  • Nightcrawlers
    • Little Pete doesn’t understand why he needs to go to bed. So, he and his friends resolve to stay up all night for several nights in a row, just to see if bedtime is necessary.

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