The Case of Movie Myths (BONUS EPISODE)

Hey everyone! We know we said we were taking a break, but we still wanted to give you guys a little bit of content for the week. So, this is a bonus episode we recorded while we were down one host.

We promised we would link to a few videos, so here are those links for the particular myths/legends that they correspond to.

The Wizard of Oz “suicide”  – The story goes that an actor or crew member hung themselves on the set and it can be seen during this scene. This myth has been debunked in several ways. First, the actors would certainly have seen the hanging body as they gleefully danced toward it. Second, in this version you can very clearly see that it has the shape and movement of a bird.

SFX Lion King – SFX stands for Special Effects, and the animators thought it would be fun to slip a reference to it in this scene. Little did they know, people would see E instead of F, and this became one of the biggest Disney Urban Legends. Snopes even refers to it as legend, instead of saying that the myth is false.

The Little Mermaid Castle – Another Disney myth, this is the legend of the hidden penis in The Little Mermaid promotional art. Now, there is no denying that the middle spire certainly looks like a part of the male anatomy. However, the story that it was intentionally drawn by a disgruntled former employee is completely false. The man that drew it was given short notice and was not even an employee of Disney.

Another part of the myth is that the cover art was heavily recalled, which also isn’t exactly true. It was taken from shelves for about 24 hours and then returned. Disney didn’t print more of the image onto VHS tapes, but they didn’t pull the ones that already existed.

The Rescuers Naked Lady – Sorry, you will have to google this one on your own. We cannot show nudity (no matter how small or poor quality) as it might violate our terms with Patreon. We can tell you though, that this myth is true.

Indiana Jones Swordsman – When Harrison Ford got sick with dysentery, he found the idea of filming a three-page fight scene very inconvenient. So, he and Stephen Spielberg decided that shooting the swordsman instead would work. The myth is that this was improvised, but it was not.

Three Men and a Baby Ghost – Here is a link to a snopes article and video that clears up the legend of the ghost in Three Men and a Baby. According to legend, the camera picked up the eerie image of a boy who had died in the home that they were filming in. Well, the movie was filmed on a sound stage and the image is a cardboard cut-out.

For more urban legends, listen to the episode!

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