The (Brief) Case of Clowning Around

Happy April Fools’! Special thanks to Jacob and Ariel for making the perfect joke intro as “The Podcast Wives.”

In this mini-sode, we discuss some famous clowns! Also, Robin talks about growing up with a clown dad.

Clowns/Shows mentioned

  • Jojo’s Circus
    • An early 2000s animated children’s show about a young clown named JoJo and her lion Goliath
  • The Big Comfy Couch
        • A PBS show that aired from 1992-2006
        • The show follows Loonette the clown who solves problems with her doll Molly on a Big Comfy Couch
        • Marci mentioned the clock stretch being her favorite part. Here is a clip:

  • Emmett Kelly (1898-1979)
      • With his character Weary Willie, Emmett Kelly was the most famous tramp clown in the circus
      • He was a mascot for the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1957
      • He appeared in the film The Clown and the Kids (1967) Where he performed his famous sweeping up the spotlight routine
    • A famous photo of him was taken during the Hartford Circus Fire in 1944
    • This day was also known as “The Day the Clowns Criedhartfordcircusfire
  • Glen “Frosty” Little (1925-2010)
    • Was in the first graduating class (1968) of Clown College by the  Ringling Brothers Barnum and Bailey circus. After graduating he went on to move up and be Boss Clown, Executive Clown Director, and finally Master Clown.  He became only the fourth and last clown to gain the title of Master Clown.
    • In 1991 he was inducted into the Clown Hall of Fame.FrostyLittle
  • Lou Jacobs (1903-1992)
    • Worked in the circus for 60 years
    • In 1989 inducted into Clown Hall of Fame
    • He was the only living person to have his face on a postage stamp
    • One of the first to ever use a rubber ball nose
    • Lou Jacobs
  • Red Skelton (1913-1997)
    • Also known as America’s Clown Prince, Red Skelton was a comedy entertainer
    • He appeared in over 30 MGM films in the 40s and 50s
    • He earned 3 Emmy awards and his show The Red Skelton Show ran for two decadesRed Skelton
  • Patch Adams 
    • Patch Adams is a 1998 film about an American physician of the same name
      • Hunter Doherty Adams was born in 1945
      • He founded the Gesundheit! Institute
    • Robin Williams played the title character

Robin mentions a Dick Van Dyke clown special that she watched growing up. Here is the link if you want to check it out!