The Spongebob Square-Case

On May 1st, 1999 an sea sponge applied to work at The Krusty Krab as a fry cook. Showing off his unrelenting optimism and cooking skills, he won the hearts of Mr. Krabs (his future boss) and children everywhere. Now 20 years later, Spongebob Squarepants is a cultural icon.

Spongebob Squarepants changed Nickelodeon and cartoons forever. He was a beacon of humor in times of struggle, giving Americans reasons to laugh. The world was in need of his talents, and Spongebob was READY.

  • Spongebob’s History
    • Spongebob was created by Marine Biologist Steve Hillenburg
    • Originally the show was to be called Spongeboy Ahoy!
    • Because Spongeboy was trademarked by a cleaning supplies company, they were forced to change the name
    • Hillenburg wanted the word “sponge” in the title because he thought children might confuse him with cheese
      • “Oh great, now the talking cheese is gonna preach to us”
    • Steve Hillenburg first developed the idea from an unpublished comic called “The Inter-Tidal Zone that developed in the late 1980s
    • He worked on Rocko’s Modern Life after studying animation
      • After the cancellation of the show, he began developing Spongebob and asked Tom Kenny who voiced Heffer on Rocko’s Modern Life to do voicework
    • The big pitch
      • Derek Drymon was the creative director of Spongebob and was the voice acting coach for the pilot
      • Together Drymon and Hillenburg made the pitch for the show
        • Hillenburg and Derek Drymon wore Hawaiian shirts and blared beach music while pitching
        • They created a tiny model of Bikini Bottom with all the characters and gave a description of what they wanted the characters to be
        • They pitched the pilot “Help Wanted” to Nickelodeon Executives and had to excuse themselves because they needed to compose themselves
        • The executives decided immediately that they wanted to do the show
  • The Voices
    • Tom Kenny
      • Spongebob
      • Gary The Snail
      • The French Narrator
      • Also known for:
        • Adventure Time
        • The PowerPuff Girls
        • Rocko’s Modern Life
  • Bill Fagebakke
    • Patrick
    • Also known for:
      •  Coach (1989-1997)
      • How I Met Your Mother (2005-2014)
  • Roger Bumpas
    • Squidward
    • Also known for:
      • Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man
        • Doc Oc
      • Bit parts in Disney films and TV shows
  • Clancy Brown
    • Mr. Krabs
    • Also known for:
      • CTR
        • Dr. Neo Kortex
      • Schooled
        • Mr. Crosby
      • Highlander
      • The Shawshank Redemption
        • Byron Hadley
  • Douglas Lawrence Osowski “Mr. Lawrence”
    • Plankton
    • Larry the Lobster
    • The Artist at Sea
    • Fred (My Leg Guy) Although Fred has been played by many different actors
    • Also known for:
      • Rocko’s Modern Life
        • Fillbert
  • Carolyn Lawrence
    • Sandy Cheeks
    • Also known for:
      • Jimmy Neutron
        • Cindy Vortex
  • The Flying Dutchman
    • Bryan Doyle Murray
    • Also known for:
      • National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
      • Caddyshack
  • Jill Talley
    • Karen
    • Also known for:
      • Mr. Show with Bob and David
      • The Loud House
    • *Karen is played by Tom Kenny’s wife, and Karen is the name of Steve Hillenburg’s wife

Source Material

  • “Zen and the Art of Writing” essay collection by Ray Bradbury and used the noun game
    • Everyone wrote 3-6 nouns on a paper and placed them in a hat; when they pulled one out, they did a story based on that noun
  • Literary References
    • “Squeaky Boots” is based off the story “The Tell-tale Heart” by Edgar Allen Poe
    • “Club Spongebob” references “Lord of the Flies”
      • The Magic Conch Shell is similar to the Magic 8 Ball used by the characters in the novel
    • “Frankendoodle” references “Frankenstein” when Spongebob creates DoodleBob
  • Other References
    • Some references mentioned in this episode:
      • Toulouse-Lautrec reference:
      • In “Something Smells” Spongebob hides in his house with a mask on, referencing Phantom of the Opera. We wanted to find you a clip, but we couldn’t find a good one
  • Spongebob’s personality came from Jerry Lewis, PeeWee Herman, and Stan Laurel
  • Awards
    • Won Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Special Class Animated Program
    • British Academy Children’s International Award in 2007
    • Nominated 34 Kid’s Choice Awards and won 27
    • Best animated television production Annie Award 2005


Thank you, Steve Hillenburg!

The (Brief) Case of the Not-so-Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the biggest night in American sports. People all over the country gather to watch and eat junk food as two teams battle for the recognition of being the year’s best team in American Football. This year, we didn’t tune in so much to watch the game, but more to watch the commercials, the Toy Story 4 sneak peak, and above all, an ultimately disappointing halftime show.

These are our thoughts on the Not-so-Super Bowl 53.

The missed tribute:

In this episode, we discuss the expectation we had to Maroon 5 to sing “Sweet Victory” from a season 2 episode of “Spongebob Squarepants.” Because the song in the episode is performed at the “Bubble Bowl” (we’re guessing the underwater equivalent to the Super Bowl), fans have been asking for the halftime performance to include the track for years. This year, however, it was especially requested as a tribute to Steve Hillenburg, the late “Spongebob” creator. Here is a link to the online petition:

The song was not played, however. Instead, there was a brief animation teasing the song, followed by a performance by Travis Scott. Here is a link to the song as it was performed (by David Glenn Eisley) in “Band Geeks” (2001)

We briefly mention a Gus Johnson video in response to the halftime show. You can find it here.

We also discussed some of the ads aired during the Super Bowl. This wasn’t the best year for ads in recent history, but there were a few gems. Here are links to ones mentioned:


NFL 100 Years

Pizza Hut


The Twilight Zone

Burger King

Bud Light/Game of Thrones